Modifying the Taurus SHO

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Why modify?

 "Speed costs money. How fast can you afford to go?"

If you're a true gearhead, you already know the answer to this, BUT for rhetorical purposes... :-)

Most SHO owners will be perfectly satisfied with the level of performance they get "out of the box". Like other cars, though, the SHO isn't so good that it can't be made better. Maybe you have a '89-'91 car and would like a better shifter or 16-inch wheels; or perhaps you want that little extra bit of firepower to surprise unsuspecting Camarobirds; or you might like to try a sportier suspension. While there aren't as many parts available for the SHO as for, say, a Mustang, a wide variety of options exist to let you tailor your car to your exact tastes. This section will try to help you get started. Be advised that lots of stuff listed here "in California may legally be used only on a racing vehicle which will never be operated on public roads."

Once you've modified your SHO, the best way to test the performance difference is Dyno Testing.





Suspension and Steering




Audio System


  • Other Diagnostic Tools
  • Weight Loss
  • Driving School
  • How much is too much?
  • "Super SHOs" (heavily modified SHOs)
  • Doug Lewis - 1989 with NOS
  • Tom Guagliardo - 1989 Supercharged
  • Jeremy Prine - 1990 Turbocharged
  • Nick Chrimes - 1990 Supercharged
  • Don Donelson - 1991 Supercharged
  • John Mears - 1992 Supercharged
  • Lee Miller - Ninja Turtle SHO (Leonardo)
  • Mark Nunnally - 1989 lightened, with NOS (offsite link)


The SHOgun is a custom built car using the Ford Festiva chassis, and the SHO v6 engine.

  •'s SHOgun writeup (offsite link)
  • Special Editions SHOgun #001 - Ron Gallo
  • Special Editions SHOgun #002 - location unknown
  • Special Editions SHOgun #003 - Jay Leno
  • Special Editions SHOgun #004 - Rob Cook (coming soon)
  • Special Editions SHOgun #005 - KJ Byrnes
  • Special Editions SHOgun #006 - location unknown
  • Special Editions SHOgun #007 - location unknown

SHO Engine in other Applications

  • SHO Powered Cobra Kit car
  • SHO Powered Lotus Esprit (offsite link)
  • SHO Powered Taurus Wagon (offsite link)
  • SHO Powered Ford Probe (offsite link)
  • SHO Powered Ford Ranger (offsite link)
  • SHO Powered Mercury Topaz (offsite link)