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Repair Manuals


Chilton part number 8251 $19.95 list, $13 discount

ISBN 0801982510

Scott Chan's comments:

Good general purpose book. Includes some information about engine control diagnostics, wiring and vacuum drawings. Illustrations are hard to read."

[Ed: Does not appear to cover SHO engine.]


Haynes Manual

Haynes part number 1421 $16.95 list price, $13.50 discount

ISBN 1563920514

Scott Chan:

Assumes we can overhaul an engine, but are incapable of

reading out engine control diagnostics.

Good photographs help identify things. My copy does not cover the SHO

motor, but if you are just doing a brake job, it's fine."

Haynes TechBook 2108

Haynes TechBook 2108 $16.95 list price, $13.50 discount

ISBN 1563921081

Dictionary of computer trouble codes for many systems including Ford EEC IV. General troubleshooting.

Haynes TechBook 2112

Haynes TechBook 2112 $16.95 list price, $13.50 discount

ISBN 156392112X

General brake systems maintenance and repair, with information on ABS systems and on performance modifications.

Haynes TechBook 2113

Haynes Automotive Detailing Manual, Haynes TechBook 2113 $16.95 list price, $13.50 discount

ISBN 1563921138

Haynes does detailing, wouldja believe!


Ford Factory Service Manual

Official Ford Motor Company shop manuals and wiring diagrams.

Published by Helm Publications.

Their telephone number is (800) 782-4356. The full manual is a bit (okay, a lot) expensive, and you don't get the addenda that the dealers do, but they're a good way to check whether your mechanic knows the SHO.

The main manual for the Taurus is: FPS-12055-xx (where xx is the model year)

19xx Taurus/Sable Shop Manual, $85.00


1990 Car and Truck Engine Emission Diagnosis, $81.00


1990 Car Service Specifications Front Wheel Drive, $20.00


1990 Taurus/Sable Do-It-Yourself Maintenance Information, $25.00


1990 Taurus/Sable Electrical and Vacuum Troubleshooting Manual, $24.00


1990 Taurus/Sable Wiring Diagrams Only, $10.00

Anonymous notes:

I have the shop manual, which is sufficient for a complete teardown and

rebuild of the car but makes a lot of references to special tools and equipment available only to Ford dealers, and the do-it-yourself maintenance guide, which doesn't cover all I'd like but is thorough on those bits it does cover (oil changes, general

inspection, etc.)

Ford Publications

1989 Ford Engine Operations Manual

This is a book distributed to Parts and Service centers to train their technicians on the operation and maintenance of all of the engines Ford used in 1989. Of particular importance, of course, was the new SHO engine, and a large portion of the book was dedicated to it. This book represents a condensed wealth of knowledge about the engine and contains many little-known facts about it. This book was acquired, scanned page-by-page, OCRd, indexed, and uploaded by SHOForum member Hawkeye18 at a cost of $110 and over ten hours of work (he also typed this entry - feel free to say thanks! It's all he asks).

The book can be found here. Enjoy!

Ford and SHO specific tuning and performance

How to Understand, Service and Modify Ford Fuel Injection and Electronic Engine Control

Probst, Charles. "How to Understand, Service and Modify Ford Fuel Injection and Electronic Engine Control" Cambridge, MA:

Robert Bentley Inc. (Stock No. GFF9), 1993. $29.95 list price. ISBN 0-8376-0301-3

Required reading if you're going to do your own wrenching or perhaps modification.

SHO Performance Guide by Ted Breaux

Available via $20 check to:

Ted Breaux / SHO Performance
127 Hwy 22 East, W9
Madisonville, LA 70447

To give you an idea of what Ted has experimented with, here's his list of modifications that he has made to his own car:

  • Custom 2.5" true dual exhaust w/high-flow cats and Edelbrock 5502 mufflers
  • Custom headers, jet hot ceramic coated inside and out
  • My own computer module and break-out box
  • Pro-M 77mm MAF
  • Underdrive pulleys
  • Extrude honed intake
  • Entire intake is jet hot coated inside and out
  • Ported heads with unshrouded combustion chambers
  • Stage 2 cams
  • Custom valve springs
  • Titanium retainers
  • Adjustable cam degree sprockets (with my own proven timing scheme)
  • Magnecor plug wires
  • Custom intake manifold crossover tube
  • Remote oil filter
  • VDO oil press, oil temp, and boost gauges
  • Cyberdyne Fuel press and air/fuel ratio gauges
  • Grizzly clutch and T/O bearing
  • SHO Shop lightened flywheel
  • 155LPH fuel pump
  • Bosch 35lb/hr injectors on a modified rail
  • Tokico struts
  • Eibach springs
  • Delrin bushings
  • SHO Shop subframe and strut rod bushings
  • 17X7.5 RW Hightech wheels with BFG Comp T/A3 225X45 ZR 17 rubber
  • 9psi Blower is on the way

Look for Ted's Stage II Performance Guidebook to be announced soon!

Ed. Note: As of 02/2011, Ted has been out of the SHO tuning business for at least 3 years, so you're not likely to get a favorable response to sending him a $20 check. This information has been left here for historical perspective. ShoAdmin 11:29, 28 February 2011 (MST)

General books on performance and handling

Some stuff from my library:

Los Angeles: HPBooks, 1993, $14.95 list price ($19.95 CDN)
By Herb Adams
ISBN 1-55788-055-7

Good text on chassis and suspension design by the chassis engineer

of the original Pontiac Trans Am. Mostly race-oriented, but information is equally applicable to street cars. Includes tools

and techniques for doing your own wheel alignment.

Performance Handling: How to Make Your Car Handle
By Don Alexander
Osceola, WI: Motorbooks International, 1991
ISBN 0-87938-418-2

Howto book on suspension, wheels, and tires, with lots of examples (including a Shogun).


I find it difficult to recommend any hot rodding magazines in general. I believe that the dependence of these magazines on paid advertising for their existence influences their articles and reviews to the consumer's detriment; in addition, the SHO's relative rarity means that articles are few and far between.

Super Ford

That being said, Super Ford seems to have the best coverage of the SHO in addition to being more literate and entertaining than the norm for hot rodding magazines, although 95% of it covers V8s and rear drive. Some recent articles on 302 and 351 modifications have been quite well written and objective IMO, and they're paying more attention to the SHO recently.

Past articles include:

  • Dec 1992 Rod shifter upgrade
  • Feb 1993 SHO spring and shock tuning
  • July 1993 K N Filter Care
  • June 1994 Super Ford SHO project: Borla, Eibach, tires, etc.
  • May 1994 J M tuner car featured
  • June 1994 I'll SHO U Performance tuner car featured
  • June 1994 Wilwood disc brake kit
  • Oct 1994 SHO cylinder head porting
  • Dec 1994 Cams etc. from The SHO Shop
  • Feb 1995 Ford vs. Ford, '90 SHO with LPM and NOS. Ran 14.6

1/4 mile.

  • Mar 1995 Supercharged 2nd gen SHO

Super Ford back issues are available from:
Taylor's Reader Services
P.O. Box 624, Dept. SF
Douglas, GA 31533

Orders (800) 883-4561
Info Questions (912) 384-4780

Car & Driver

  • Dec 1988 "America's Best Sedan"
  • Jan 1989 SHO is one of the "Ten Best Cars"
  • Mar 1991 SHO vs. Lumina Z34 vs. Dodge Spirit R/T
  • Jan 1992 Another "Ten Best Cars" award
  • Apr 1993 The SHO Wagon

Road & Track

  • Oct 1988 First real review of the SHO
  • Feb 1991 v42 n6 p56(7) - "Rocket science: the Rod Millen Motorsport Escort and Special Editions Shogun mix fun and firepower. (testing customized cars)(Pocket-Rockets)"
  • Jul 1993 "Six sporting sedans" (SHO didn't fare too well)

Motor Trend

  • Jan 1992 v44 n1 p64(4) - "Shogun: performance factored by the cube."
  • Mar 1995 Long term wrapup of '93 SHO ATX
  • May 1995 1996 1/2 SHO Preview

Popular Science

(It IS a high tech engine, after all!)

  • Oct 1988 Cover photo of highly polished SHO cutaway beside a LT5 engine plus some (separate) discussion of the car and the engine
  • Mar 1989 Car Test of Fast Track Sedans - SHO, 535i, Audi 200, and Maxima SE


  • Oct 16 1989 "SHO Business Blues" cover story. Good photos. Not overly complimentary.
  • Apr 1995? '96 SHO cover story


  • Jan 1989 Several mentions in "All Star Section" ("Best car for someone expecting a 3rd child" and a test between a SHO and 535i.

Hot Rod Magazine

  • Dec 1989 Best of Hot Rod 88' Issue. "SHO of force". Good article with some great cut-away pics. of the SHO engine.
  • Dec 1990 v43 n12 p14(1) - Shogun street fighter. (Ford Festiva fitted with a SHO motor, a hot rod innovation)(Roddin at Random)


  • Dec 1988 v39 n12 p63(1) - "SHOgun. (Super High Output engine for the Ford Taurus)"