Sunshade replacement

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The sunshade in the SHO is a plastic piece covered with a felt-like fletching. This fletching is held onto the sunshade using an adhesive that seems to be water soluble. Water can cause the fletching to fall off of the sunshade, which looks like hell.

Replacement sunshades are available from Ford. The newer shades do not have louvers in them. For Mocha interiors, the replacement part number is F4DZ-54519A02-BAM.

Glass and sunshade removal

1. To remove glass panel, remove the three halo front retaining screws.

2. Slide halo and sunshade fully rearward to expose six glass retaining screws(three each side).

3. To remove sunshade, remove glass retaining screws and washers. Warning: some people have had these screws break.

4. Push glass up from inside vehicle and remove.

5. Slide halo and sunshade forward halfway across moon roof opening.

6. Lift halo to clear sunshade.

7. Push halo fully rearward.

8. Slide sunshade fully forward.

9. Lift front on sunshade, slide forward and rotate 90 degrees to remove.

Glass and sunshade installation

1. With sunshade at an angle, insert one sunshade rear tab into channel at rear of moon roof opening. Do not place the rear tabs under the rail as they were on the old slotted shade. The entire shade rides above the rail. The spring loaded tabs (about 2 from the rear) in the new shade engage on the rail. There are existing detents in the rail at the shade closed and shade open position that these tabs lock onto that hold it in place and further lessen the chance of rattling/vibration.

2. Insert other rear tab and place sunshade in position.

3. Slide halo forward, lifting it to clear sunshade.

4. Lower halo onto sunshade. Halo must be outside of rail or moon roof roof will not function properly.

5. Slide sunshade and halo fully rearward.

6. Install glass. Align with holes for screws. Take care not to push lifter arm slide out of track.

7. Install six glass retaining screws and washers. Tighten to 7 - 13 lb-in. Adjust glass.

8. Slide halo fully forward and install three screws