How to replace the ATX shifter knob

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Thanks to Eric Bernstein for the following info on how to remove the ATX shifter knob :

On the front of the shifter handle (Facing the dash) you will find a "U" (turn that U upside down and it looks just like that) clip that slips through a cut in the leather and attaches to the shifter stalk. You will need a small flat head screwdriver to pry the clip out. Takes a little effort and some arm/hand contortions but it will slide out. Once you have that jewel out the shifter handle will slid off. Be aware that you can't just yank the handle off. There's a wire lead that attaches to the O/D button. There's a little slack but not much. You will need to remove the shifter face plate to disconnect the wire from its terminal connection. If you don't do the above your wire will be pulled from the lead on the O/D button and I can't even imagine how you could re-attach without removing the leather from the shifter handle. BTW I've done this procedure before, just don't force anything and you'll be fine. Good Luck!

and thanks to Mark Kelley for the following on replacement :

After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I finally got my new shifter knob installed. I was fooled into thinking this was a simple job by the easy removal of the old knob. Unfortunatedly, the new know had its own ideas. The plastic contact piece for the O/D switch that slides into the knob wouldn't go in all the way on the new knob. After a couple of attempts to push it in (one of which broke one of the wires), I finally had to file a little bit off the leading edge and the piece snapped into place (there was a small ridge in the channel it couldn't get past). The next obstacle was getting the O/D switch working. The switch has two leads that are supposed to contact the leads on the plastic piece inside the knob. It took a fair amount of time getting the leads bent to the proper angle to work in the new knob but I finally got it working. Next was to install the knob on the shifter rod. It went smoothly except for the last couple of centimeters. The button would actuate the rod but not enough to allow moving the shifter. A few light taps with a rubber mallet and the knob was seated on the rod. I tapped the retaining clip back into the shifter with the rubber mallet and all is well in SHO land again. I think the design of the new knob is better than the original (the button seems much sturdier and the leather seams to be better quality) so I'm very pleased.