Headlight condensation fix

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acdomb Lot of older SHOs develop small fissures in the seams on the headlight, letting in moisture which soon condenses on the inside of the headlight lens. A popular fix is to drill (or burn) small vent holes in the bottom of the headlight lens. That will work, but here is an alternative that may be better.

Thanks to Don Mallinson for the following :

I do not recommend drilling drain holes, there is an easy and cheap way to fix this that I did some years ago on my 89, and my headlights are still bone dry (they did leak a LOT). Instead of drilling holes that can let in humidity same as letting out, and they let in dust/dirt that WILL eventually cloud your reflector and the inside of your lenses, here is what you do:

Remove the assembly. there are two clips that pull up on the top, and then you unscrew the bottom tilt adjuster and the headlight comes out. Carefully undo the bulb assembly and then dry out the inside of the headlight. I did this by aiming a hair dryer in the hole for a few minutes. do this a couple of times, as when it cools off, there will be some condensation, but they will stay dry fairly quickly. Then clean the outside of the lenses at the seam where the solid plastic meets the clear plastic. This is where the problem is unless you have a hole from a rock/38 slug in the front! :)

I used alcohol and/or paint prep to clean all the way around. Then apply a thin bead of clear windshield silicone sealant around that joint. You can wipe with your finger to make it look nicer.

My headlights have been totally dry for the last several years, and the silicone does not look bad at all. Most don't notice it at SHOws! Much better than just letting the moisture drain out, and letting in dust.