Clicking CD Player Fix

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Apparently, some SHO owners experience a problem that involves the factory CD player not recognizing when a disc is in.

Submitted by Scot Hewit - From Randy Crist:

There are 2 little black micro switches under the top cover on the circuit board. They are mounted on their own little board and have a brown colored ribbon cable going from them to the main board. These switches will get "gummy" and not make contact to let it know if the c/d is in or out. If you take the 2 screws out of the board they are mounted to and lift it up you can spray the switches where the plunger comes out of the switch (so the cleaner gets inside of the switch) with electricial contact cleaner and re-install. Be carefull putting the board back down because 1 of the switches you will have to get a tiny screwdriver and push the "plunger" in to clear a lever that works the switch, if you just try to push it down it will break the switch. I have fixed 2 supposedly broken ones this way i bought off E-Bay.