Wiper Blade Overrun

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Posted by Rob Pittman on Sat Oct 6, 2007:

     I seem to remember this coming up on the old list, but I can't find my
     archive of the old messages.
     The problem is that my wipers are traveling too far on the upstroke,
     yet they appear to park in the correct position. At times the
     driver's side wiper will come completely off the windshield and onto
     the roof pillar. Is there any way to adjust the amount of travel? Is
     the linkage worn out? Is this a sign the wiper motor is about to go?

Posted by Mike Bruce:

     The wiper arm attaches to the linkage with a set of splines.
     You can pull the arms off and shift them a few splines to reduce the
     overtravel. If the arms haven't been removed in a while, it may be that
     something is worn out. To remove the arm, there is a tab that must be pulled
     out. Lift the blade off the glass a few inches, and pull on the tab with a pair
     of pliers and you should be able to lift the entire arm off of the splines.