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As most of us with SHOs have found, SHO specific Ford parts are sometimes not stocked at the local dealers, resulting in long waits while your car lies in some partial state of disassembly waiting for your dealer to locate the part it dosen't have. This can be even more frustrating when you're doing the repair work yourself and intend to use OEM parts, but can't locate the specific one.

Thankfully, the internet has some solutions for this problem.

For no longer produced parts, Green Sales Company

For current parts, www.rockauto.com sells at a good price. Go to this thread to find a current discount code. Taurus Car Club RockAuto Discount Code Thread

For NEW PARTS - as long as you know the specific Ford part number of the part you're after, you can search for it on page The PartsVoice Parts Locator.

For USED PARTS, Another good parts locator is copartfinder.com. This site searches a massive database of "recycled" car parts for items from a wrecked car of the same make, model, and years you specify. You can even restrict by location by entering ZIP codes.