What makes the SHO different from other Tauruses?

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The 89-95 Taurus SHO is equipped with a 220HP 24 valve DOHC V-6 manufactured for Ford by Yamaha, a handling suspension similar to that in the police package Taurus, better seats, and unique exterior trim. The regular Taurus and the SHO are as different as night and day, unlike most "family" cars with sporty versions. The SHO, though it no longer has the commanding lead in the sports sedan market that it did in the late eighties/early nineties, is still one of the most remarkable cars for the price available anywhere. Plus, you get to rub shoulders with all the nice folks on SHOtimes. :-)

For another view on the high-revving engine, what most SHOwners feel really separates the SHO from regular Tauri, read this quote from the Vol. 26, No. 9, 1988, Ford Motorcraft Shop Tips newsletter:

"Because the engine is not boosted, it runs cooler. It supplies a smooth flow of power right up to 7300 RPM. At this point, a rev limiter starts cutting out cylinders to hold the rpms steady at 7300. This technique for preventing over-revving is the result of Ford's Formula 1 racing experience. This rev limiter is not designed to protect the engine, but to protect accessory drive components. The engine itself has been tested at RPMs greater than 8500."