The 1991 "SHO Plus" option

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Thanks to Don Mallinson for most of the below info:

There was a special option package on SHOs available only during the 1991 model year. The plus model had a specific Ford order number that would show on the window sticker, but I am not sure what it was.

The package was cosmetic only and consisted of:

  • Plastic hood with a "power bulge" in the middle area. Not highly visible from outside, but really noticable on the inside. If a fridge magnet sticks to your hood, you don't have the Plus hood. Note that due to the plastic hood, the brass metal ground device on most SHO's had to be replaced with a ground strap that connected to the metal foil backing of the hood pad (not needed on the steel hood) and attached to the same spot as the metal spring ground device.
  • All black mirrors instead of body color top insert.
  • Black B and C pillars. These were covered with a black vinyl tape.
  • Line in the body cladding around the lower portion was body colored not black.
  • Taurus emblem on the trunk lid was body color instead of chrome.
  • 24 V DOHC badges on the front fenders behind the wheels, between the accent line and body cladding.
  • Some pluses got a subtle plastic spoiler on the trunk very similar to the factory ones on 93/95 models except it did NOT have a CHMSL (Center High Mounted Stop Light) - that was still on the package tray. This spoiler was in short supply when the package was released and thus did not get on all of them.
  • White SHO plus packages got white wheels, all other plus's/SHO's got silver wheels.
  • Some regular SHO's in 90 and 91 somehow got the plastic hood, and several 89/91 regular SHO's have it now like my 89 since I ordered the hood from my local dealers parts department. I doubt if you can still get them.
  • There was a dark green color in 91 that was only available with the plus package.
  • There were no suspension or motor differences.
  • The rod shifter became available for ALL SHO's about 6-91, it was not a plus "feature".

Note: The popular "police/taxi" grill is NOT a plus option - many gen 1 SHO's have it though.