Stuck tachometer

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My tachometer is stuck under the peg after having the battery disconnected. Can I fix it?

This is literally a fun problem to fix.

Take the car out and rev it to near redline. Don't worry about it, the rev limiter will catch you if you try to exceed 7300 rpm. The tach should jump back to life out of sheer gratitude. 2nd gear is recommended for this since the rev limiter kicks in more gently than in first gear, since the rate of approach to the limit is slower.

Alternative (and not as fun) solution :

You can take a (straighten-out) paper clip with a hook or a piece of thin stiff wire w/ a little hook on one end and stick it through the hole where trip mileage pokes through and manipulate the needle back to it's original position. Once you manuvered it back past the middle RPM range at (left of the 12 noon position) it falls back gracefully. Be careful not scratch the plastic dash cover.