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Standard Equipment

Except for some early 1989 models, every SHO came from the factory with some standard features you might consider luxurious compared to other family sedans of its era (and even today!). The extended range options package for non-SHO Tauruses was standard. You couldn't find a Taurus SHO without the following equipment. Features include: half cloth/half leather seats, an 8 way power drivers seat, 4 wheel disc brakes, climate control system, power mirrors, windows, and locks, Ford Premium Audio sound system, 15 inch basket weave wheels ('89 and '90), followed by 16 inch slicers ('91 and up), an extended range 18 gallon fuel tank (although some SHOs came with the SLO 16 gallon tank when supplies were low). Some model year Gen Is and all Gen II SHO Tauruses came standard with ABS and a drivers side airbag. Later model Gen II SHOs ('93 and up?) came standard with VAPs (variable assist power steering - power steering boost varies with speed). VAPS may sound like fun, but many SHOtimers disable the feature (see Adjusting the VAPS) because it seems to increase or decrease the power steering boost a little too suddenly during high performance driving.

The 212A package

1990: Moonroof, leather upholstery, 8-way drivers and pass seat, electronic A/C, JBL stereo system.

The 211A package

The 211A option package was popular on many early SHOs - it's reproduced here for those looking to see if they have the 211A:

Note: Package content is subject to change.

    X = Included in package
    S = Standard
    O = Optional
SHO 211A Power Convenience Group
Power door locks S
Power side windows S
Six-way power driver's seat S
Rear window defroster S
Remote decklid and fuel door releases (sedan only) S
Light group 1 S
Speed control S
Autolamp system 3 X
Floor mats, front and rear X
Leather-wrapped steering wheel (with speed control) S
Illuminated entry system 4 X
Anti-lock braking system (with V-6 engine) S
Electronic climate-control air conditioning (with V-6 engine) X
High-level audio system 6 X
Keyless entry system 7 X
Power radio antenna X
6-way power dual-control seats X
3.0L SEFI DOHC 24-valve V-6/5-speed manual S
P215/60Rx16 94V BSW all-season high performance S
Cloth bucket seats/console with cloth/leather seating surfaces S
Cloth bucket seats/console with leather seating surfaces O
Cornering lamps S
Engine block immersion heater O
Extended range fuel tank S
Ford JBL audio system (sedan only) O
Diagnostic instrument cluster 9 S
Power moonroof O
Dual illuminated visor mirrors (includes side sun visors) S
Clearcoat paint O
Audio digital disc player (with high-level audio system) O

1 - Dual beam map light, engine compartment light, dual courtesy lights under instrument panel, and headlights-on reminder chime.

3 - Turns headlights on and off automatically.

4 - Lifting front door handle illuminates the key bezel and activates the interior lights.

6 - Includes: electronic volume control; separate power control; pop-out controls for bass, treble, balance and fade; motorized cassette eject; seek tuning for radio (up/down) and cassette tape (forward/reverse); scan tuning for radio and tape player; AM stereo reception -- C-Quam encoded (C-Quam is a registered trademark of Motorola, Inc.); DNR noise reduction for radio (DNR is a trademark of National Semiconductor Corp.); Dolby noise reduction for tape player (Dolby is a registered trademark of Dolby Laboratories Incensing Corp.); automatic metal Cr/O2 tape equalization; 80 watts RMS continuous power; six premium speakers and power amplifier/booster.

7 - A preset code allows the locking and unlocking of the doors without the use of a key. Includes the illuminated entry system.

9 - Provides tachometer plus signals for door ajar, low brake fluid, low washer fluid, low oil level, low fuel, headlamp out, tail lamp out, brake lamp out. Features included with optional electronic instrument cluster.

Excerpted from:
1991 Ford Taurus brochure (006-Ann. Litho in U.S.A. 8/90)