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What kind of car does Santa drive?

Santa drives a 1989 Light Titanium SHO with leather interior and aftermarket (TSW Stealth?) 5-spoke wheels. If you don't believe me, rent The Santa Clause.

The Naked Gun

In the original Naked Gun, there is a car chase involving a bad-guy driving a black SHO with preposterous spiked knock-off wheels.

Has anyone seen my baby?

There is a '94-'95 SHO with and trunk spoiler in the new music video from The Rolling Stones. The video is filmed in New York City, and the SHO is on very soon after Mick is on the subway asking anyone who'll listen Has Anyone Seen My Baby? It's only there for 0.8 seconds....

Coors Light Ads

Back in '92-'94, the Coors Light professional road cycling team used several SHOs as their team support vehicle. For those unfamiliar with professional cycling, these vehicles follow along the route of the bike race, carrying the team coaches along with food and spare parts for their team. If a team member manages to break away from the main group of riders (or peloton) the team car will move up and follow close behind in case support is needed. In any event, these cars are seen by many spectators along the road and often show up on TV or in print coverage, generating some publicity (of course, since this is the cycling we're talking about, the publicity generated was probably about 1/1,000 of what you would get with a 30 sec.

Reality Police Shows

I once saw a black '89 in a driveway in the background on an episode of COPS.

SHOs have been spotted on FOX's Wildest Police Videos once or twice.

The Flash

A SHO was used on a 1989/1990 TV show called The Flash based on the comic strip character. You could not miss the distinctive rear bumper.


Anyone who has seen Showgirls may be asking themselves, Is this the worst movie of all time? Does it have any redeeming qualities? Unless one is exceedingly tuned in to everything that happens on the screen, it may be easy to answer these questions incorrectly. Well, the second question anyway. The answer is yes to both questions! During the final minute, a red '90 SHO can be briefly seen passing in the background (this would be the redeeming quality). The director should have cut the 2:29 preceding this event, and the 0:01 following it, and renamed the movie SHOgirls. I'm sure it would have been a much better film for it.

Blood Work

A SHO can be seen in the trailer of the movie Blood Work with Clint Eastwood. The SHO gets a large role in this movie and gets TOTALLY wrecked. If you want to see a SHO driven by a professional stunt driver and getting pushed to its limits (in fact, I'm sure a few SHOs died to make the main action scene), go watch Bloodwork today.