Rod shifter U-joint

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I am pleased to report a kick-ass improvement in my shifter. I drilled out the old double-headed-pseudo-bolt, and noticed that half of the bolt was smaller diameter than the other, so the holes on each side of the bracket were also. I drilled the smaller hole out to match the larger, 3/8", so it would pass a full-sized bolt all the way through. Then, I betook myself to Ye Olde Home Depot for some grade-8 hardware.

Order of pieces follow:

  1. Grade-8 3/8" x 3" bolt
  2. 5/16" flat washer
  3. One side of u-bracket
  4. Two 3/8" nylon flat washers
  5. One 9/16" neoprene rubber bushing, jammed inside...
  6. ... the shifter-arm-to-shift-shaft-assembly
  7. One 3/8" nylon flat washer
  8. Other side of u-bracket
  9. One 3/8" split-ring lock washer
  10. One 5/16" flat washer
  11. One 3/8" star-shaped lock washer
  12. One 3/8" nut

The original idea was to use a pair of 9/16" rubber bushings up against the inside assembly, but the bushing squished its way into the assembly, and I couldn't get a second one in. That's ok, the assembly no longer has free play against the bolt. I used two lock washers because, well, I don't know any better.

Shifting action is now awesome.

Apparently, Jose (of short-shifter fame), also offers a Delrin bushing; I don't know which U-joint this is for: the one here (the outer), or the inner U-joint between the outer and the transmission shift shaft itself.