Remote keyless entry

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Reprogramming Use this procedure to set your system to work with a new keyless remote transmitter. Thanks go to Jerry Stewart.

Step 1 You need to find the programming connector. My '93 factory manual says it is behind the glovebox, take it out by removing the three screws and it is supposed to be taped to the wiriing harness. MY PROGRAMMING CONNECTOR WAS NOT THERE! I started tracing the wires from the keyless entry module located on the rear seat back in the trunk. My programming connector was on the left side of the trunk snapped onto the inside of the fender. Your location may vary?! Try the trunk first - it's much more convienent. I forget the colors of the wires to the connector. I will try to remember to look them up tonight. There is nothing plugged into the connector.

Step 2 Turn ignition on.

Step 3 Short the terminals of the programming connector. Doors will lock. I used a wire with an alligator clip on each end.

Step 4 Press a key on any remote transmitter. You may repeat this up to 3 times until the system responds. Repeat for all transmitters. (You must reprogram the system for your current remotes.)

Step 5 Remove shorting device from the terminals of the programming connector

Step 6 Turn ignition off

Step 7 Test your remotes.

Step 8 Be glad you didn't have to pay to have this easy job done.