Poor Man's Ram Air Mark II

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This is Brett Russo's improved poor man's ram air system.

I have been more than obsessive about getting a good air flow going. Today I built what I think is the best variation of the Poor Man's Air Intake system. It makes a noticable increase in power.


(2) 4 1/4 sewer 90 PVC, NOT SCH 40. This elbow should be compact and smaller than SCH40 PVC of the same size. One 90 is mounted as the scoop. After you secure it cut a nice angle for better air.

(1) 4 or 5 feet of Sewer PVC for underground use. This stuff is not plumbing PVC it is lighter and the above 90 allows more air flow than a smaller SCH40 type of the same OD.

Some large opening screen.

Band-aids assortment.

PVC glue.

Hack saw.

Procedure for '93's and newer

Remove left side marker light

Remove Upper Filter Box assy , unplug MAF/Air temp Sensor.

Remove two bolts holding lower fender mounted assy.

Pull lower air box out through fender plastic.

Using a vice grip flare out the opening between the fender wall, you will need to make this spot larger to fit your 4 1/4 90, removing some of the metal is needed.

Pass the 4 1/4 90 through the opening so one side is in the hole and another is facing down the inner fender.

Cut the interface of your upper air box to match the larger opening and pass the pipe through into the box.

Cut the tube to the desired length and put your scoop fitting into place.

Glue the pipe with scoop to the 90 comming out of the inner fender.

Use the screen to cover the front intake side of the unit, to keep leaves out.

Reconnect the MAF, air charge temp sensor, and bolt the box back together.

Paint anything showing and enjoy this HP at under $10.00