My back windows stopped working

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Thanks to Vasco Depinna :

Well, I recently fixed my power window problems due to clues from this list, so I'll pass it on. My window switches would work somewhat intermittently. Lately, my LR switch would lower that window, but only the driver's master switch could raise it. Turns out the switch contacts only needed a cleaning. I removed the switch (only a philips head screw holds the bezel onto the door) and then unscrewed the body of the switch from the bezel. Then I pryed the switch away from the connector and then gently pryed the switch itself apart. Once the contacts were exposed I squirted them with a plastic-safe contact cleaner ("Cramolin," purchased from a local electonics store for about $9), let it dry, and reassembled everything. Works just like new! I figure I saved myself a bunch of $ in diagnostics or at least in buying new or wrecking-yard switches. Thanks again to whoever posted that suggestion a few months ago.

If this solution dosen't work, you've likely got a bad window motor. Have it tested, if it fails get a new one.