How to fix a squeaky rear seat

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Got a squeek in the back of your Taurus/V6 SHO?

Typically it is caused by the wire mounts on the rear seatback rubbing against the hooks the back hangs on at the package tray.

The solution is to remove the seat cushion, push in and pull up and it comes right out. then there are two bolts that hold the lower portion of the seat back in place. Once those are gone, the back pulls out and you lift up and it will come right off. Locate the wire sections that hang on the sheet metal hooks and wrap them with duct tape or electrical tape (the cloth type works best) or something similar. A wrap or two is plenty.

Enjoy the newfound quiet.

I did not come up with this solution, but it was reported many years ago on earlier versions of on-line SHO groups, possibly even the original SHO on-line group on Prodigy.

Don Mallinson