High mount brake lamp replacement

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If your high mount brake lamp (the centre brake light on the spoiler of 2nd gens, that uses LEDs) has died, you've probably found out that the replacement from Ford will cost you about $170, and it's almost impossible to find a working one at the wrecking yard. The reason the whole thing goes out at once is the circuit is similar to those annoying christmas tree lights, one goes out they all go out. If you don't mind breaking open your old broken light, you can use the lens and the reflector piece to rig up a new light that will work even if one burns out.

Go out and get 25 or more white LEDs, that emit red light, the type that are cylinder-shaped, have two short leads, and are about 3/16' big. Drill out the holes for each reflector so that the LEDs will fit into the holes. Then run wire (regular copper speaker wire would work) along each side of the reflector piece in a way that you can bend the leads of the LEDs onto it. Attach the wires to the piece by either soldering or gluing, and leave a bit hanging off one end to connect the power wires from the car. Glue the LEDs into the holes, being careful not to insert them all the way since the most light comes from the top. Bend the leads over to opposite sides and solder them to the wires. Once you've done all the LEDs, connect the power and test it before putting it all back. A 'temporary' glue will work better for putting the lens on and sealing up the wiring (with tape if necessary, don't worry, nobody can see it in the spoiler) since if you do end up having to replace one of the LEDs you can just peel it off and change it. Depending on the type of LEDs you get, you might find this new light even brighter than the stock one.