Fixing loose steering

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Thanks go to Doug Lewis.

Mike Piehl wrote that his '92 SHO had about 1 1/2 inches of play in the wheel, even after replacing the tie rod ends. I think I have a solution.

In '91, the design of the steering shaft was changed from a solid shaft, to a slip type shaft. This shaft connects the steering wheel to the rack pinion. Where the shaft connects to the rack, it has a coupling with a pinch bolt. For about three years of production, this bolt wasn't being tightened enough.

If you own a '91-'93 SHO, with looseness in the wheel, this pinch bolt is probably the cause.

To fix the problem, remove the three nuts holding the lower stering boot to the firewall. Slide the boot up and out of the way. Turn the wheel so that you can get at the pinch bolt. Tighten the bolt and at the same time move the wheel back and forth. You will be able to see the coupling moving on the shaft. Tighten the 10mm bolt only till the loosness goes away. I use an impact and am very careful not to over tighten the bolt. If the bolt breaks, you're gonna be in a world of hurt. I'm not sure of the torque setting, but anything that is published is going to be wrong.