Exhaust Design Notes

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This page details exhaust notes made by various knowledgeable SHO experts. Where possible, any relevant information about the author is noted. Unless otherwise noted, all information is regarding the Gen 1 & Gen 2 SHOs ('89-'95 model years).

If you're unfamiliar with exhaust terms, here [1] is a good site (done by Walker Dynomax) that is a good introduction to exhaust systems.

Vadim Fedorovsky on Exhaust Design

Vadim is the owner of "The SHO Shop", which sells (among many other SHO items) a complete bolt on exhaust replacement.

Ted Breaux - "True dual exhausts explained"

Ted was one of the first to highly modify his SHO, and even wrote a guide "SHO Performance - Level 1" on how he did it. He has true dual exhausts on his car. He has also programmed LPMs for many people.

John Holowczak on Exhaust Design

John is a SCCA autocrosser (ie "end user" of the SHO!) who has spent some time researching exhaust options.