College Student's Ram Air

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Yet another creative ram air design thanks to Jay Gasser.

(1) 4" dryer vent flexible ducting

(1) tie wrap/rubber band/super glue/contact adhesive or whatever else you can find for securing the screen and ducting

(1) 6" diameter piece of tent screen or other flexible screen type

1. Remove air filter box and air intake resonator assemblies.

2. Slide collapsed dryer vent ducting through parking lamp lens opening.

3. Insert one rotation of ducting backbone wire through fender well opening to help secure ducting to the fender well.

4. Snake rest of ducting down to a desired fresh air supply area. (I made an oval shape to fit in the lower front dam opening.)*

5. Add screen and secure ducting appropriately.

6. Replace air filter box assembly and parking lamp lens.

  • Before driving through flooded areas, retract ducting safely back up somewhere inside the fender well to avoid sucking in water.

Since this requires no permanent modifications to your SHO, you can always go back to the original set-up if you want.