Changing transmission fluid in the 93-95 ATX

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I have a '93 SHO auto (wish it was a stick!). Anyway, changing the fluid is a snap. I do it by dropping the transmission oil pan. Rather than wind up with oil all over my garage floor, I start by loosening the bolts at one side of the pan in a pattern which gradually opens the bolts a quarter turn at a time. Adjacent bolts should not loosened more than 1/4 turn more than its neighbours. Eventually oil will start seeping out. When a decent stream is flowing, walk away for a while. Then remove all the bolts and drop the pan. There is an oil filter in there - it is the size and shape of a piece of pie, and you can buy one from Ford for about $10. It is a push-fit, and held in by a couple of clips.

When replacing the pan, tighten up the bolts finger tight, then a quarter turn at a time to the specified torque. I bought a transmission fluid fill pipe from Western Auto for maybe $3. This has a simple valve built in, and greatly simplifies refilling the oil pan through the dipstick hole.

When refilling - don't forget to check the level with the motor warm and the engine running!

I've done this twice and have not even replaced the gasket. It does not leak.

Keeping the oil fresh helps a bit with the admittedly suspect service life of the transaxle. Die-hard wrench-heads note: this is a computerized transmission, meaning that any shop will want to take some readings with the unit in the car. If this sucker quits on you, you will not be able to pull the unit yourself to save a few dollars.