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Jay Leno

Thanks to Don Mallinson: Jay Leno at least at one time had a yellow SHOgun. Whether it had nitrous or not, I am not sure. Jay contributed to a couple of SHO conventions with charity auction stuff. Here is a bit of SHO trivia.

Q. What did Jay Leno do on his very first day as the official host of the Tonight Show?

A. He did a smoky burn-out (live on camera) in the parking lot in his SHOgun as he parked in Johnny's spot the first time!

Q. Why did Jay Leno have his hands wrapped for several days a couple of years ago?

A. He burned his hands putting out a fire in his SHOgun!

Watch a video of it here.

Conan O'Brien

Thanks to Chris Bruno: I'm here watching Conan O'Brien and he has Robin Leach on.... Anyhow - they got to talking about his car and he says he drives a 6 year old Taurus...Ok

Well, then he says - "Ya know, the one with the stickshift - the sexy one - the SHO!"

I was floored! It was fantastic - Robin Leach and Andy Richter made fun of it because it was still a Taurus but Conan defended his car with enthusiasm.

Pretty Cool - eh?

Pat Goss

Thanks to Dave Nelligan: I believe Pat Goss from MotorWeek used to have a Green '91. (plus edition me thinks)

Cotton Fitsimmons

Cotton Fitsimmons, former NBA coach drove an '89 Lt Titanium.