Adjusting the clutch cable

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Adjusting the quadrant on the pedal raises the pedal engagement point. Very useful if the clutch is not completely disengaging even with the pedal pushed to the floor because of worn pressure plate fingers or a stretched cable. Puts more tension in the cable and pushes the TOB closer to the fingers. No adjustment needed otherwise. Makes things worse if the friction disk is too thin.

To check whether the clutch is fully disengaging: parking brake on, engage first and slowly lift your foot off the clutch. Observe where the pedal is when the clutch starts to engage. If it's really close to the floor, adjust the cable.

There's an adjusting quadrant on the pedal. If you look closely at the pedal, you will see a light blue rectangle. This is the end of the toothed quadrant. Push the pedal down with one hand, and then let it go while holding the end of the quadrant in place with the thumb of your other hand, or a suitable socket if too painful. If done right, you will hear one or more loud clicks. I'd start with no more than three.

Be aware that raising the clutch pedal beyond its normal resting point releases the clutch quadrant.

Nick Chrimes, BaySHO Performance